Community Basic School Wommelgem-Centrum, Wommelgem
Latin-Greek humanities, St-Gummaruscollege, Lier

Undergraduate in history, University of Antwerp
Undergraduate in philosophy, University of Antwerp
Master in history, Ghent University
Teacher's aggregation for high schools (higher grades), University of Leuven
Master in documentation and library sciences, University of Antwerp
Supplementary degree public library work, University of Antwerp

Separate university courses:
* Dutch anthroponomy, Ghent University
* Bibliotheconomy and bibliography, Ghent University
* Statistics, University of Antwerp
* Computer applications for the human sciences, University of Antwerp

Further formation

* Cyclism formation, Sporta-Bloso cyclism academy, Ghent
* Ancient writings (palaeography), De Kaeck, Wommelgem
* Symposium Passive House, Passiefhuisplatform-Pixii, Westerlo
* Workshop 'Housing for elderly people from idealism to realism,' Abbeyfield, Molenbeek-Saint-Jean
* Workshop 'Green roofs', EGD, Borgerhout
* Workshops 'Working on arterial roads,' BRCC and KVIV, Antwerp
* Workshop 'Durable handling of water,' Centrum Duurzaam Bouwen, Heusden-Zolder
* Telephoning methods, Belgacom ICT Academy, Brussels
* Colloquium 'Construction & Handicaps,' Construction Confederation, Brussels
* Conference 'Renewable resources and biorefineries,' Ghent University and GOM West-Flanders, Ghent
* Chemistry for journalists, VVJ, Antwerp
* Journalists workshops 'Climate Change Dialogue,' Com+, Brussels & Berlin
* Linguistically correct writing, Campus De Persgroep, Schelle
* Workshop 'Culture for Nuclear Safety and Information', European Nuclear Education Network, Munich
* Energy Congress, Flemish Construction Confederation, Mechelen
* Fisa-Euradwaste Conference 'Nuclear safety and radiaoactive waste management,' European Commission and Raten, Pitesti
* Several Insulation Days, Insulation Council, Belgium
* Several congresses about real estate for the care sector, Spryg, Belgium
* Several congresses about technology and facilities in care institutions, HFDV and VTDV/, Belgium